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DOWA spent  long time and investment to develop such hands free and selfie cases.First important thing,DOWA says it must be steady while stick to the smooth surfaces,  second it must be good and convenient for using . Such epoxy sticky case must be good looking, good touch feeling, also easy for installation.Air suction layer must anti-slip, anti-scratch, waterproof. Under 1o years epoxy making experience, repeated testing on sticky case more than 2 years, we found the key to solve such problems. We produced different product lines and proved the possibility of the sticky case on flat glossy surfaces.DOWA sticky case brings convenience to people when they are using cellphone and IPAD, the sticky case enable clients hands free style, and this sticky case can be used under many circumstances. In 2016, DOWA expanded the " sticky " idea to more products, so we made a magic " sticky gel pad", which can make everything stick to anywhere and washable. The magic sticky gel pad brought a new storm for the market.

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