Anti-Shock Air Cushion Sticky Case (Do what you love)

Innovative Features:

  • First developer of transparent with custom slogan air cushion anti-shock sticky case
  • Sticks to mirror surface allowing hands-free Selfies
  • Anti-slip, anti-scratch, anti-drop, jelly soft touch feeling
  • Full protect the cellphone if falling
  • Easy clean, lasting charms


Anti-Shock Air Cushion Sticky Case (Do what you love)

  • Anti-shock air cushion case combined with imported PU epoxy resin
  • Free your hands to stick on glass, mirror, metal, ceramic etc
  • Available for custom slogan and design
  • Protect your phone if fall from hight
  • Modernized equipment coordinate with hand-made
  • 9 years Dome epoxy technology experience
  • Dust-free plant
  • Passed CA 65 test
  • Surface PU epoxy resin can keep at least 3 years not turning yellow under normal room temperature
  • Surface PU epoxy without watermarks and bubbles



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