DOWA Transparent Sticky Case

Innovative Features of Transparent Sticky Case:

  • Sticks to mirror surface allowing hands-free Selfies!
  • Anti-slip, anti-scratch, anti-drop, jelly touch feeling, without hand-sticky
  • Easy clean, lasting charms
  • 100% Ultra-Clear protection


OEM&Customization Acceptable

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DOWA Transparent  Sticky Case

High Quality Guarantee:

  1. Best Quality PC+TPU case + Imported PU epoxy resin
  2. Anti-slip side TPU touch feeling
  3. Modernized equipment coordinate with hand-made
  4. Dome crystal epoxy technology
  5. Dust-free plant
  6. Passed CA 65, SGS test
  7. Surface PU epoxy resin can keep at least 3 years not turning yellow and hard under normal room temperature
  8. Available for iPhone series, iPad series, Samsung Galaxy series, Blackberry series, Sony series, more models are in developing .

transoarent tpu sticky case

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