DOWA Sticky Holder Gel Pad (Smiling Face)

DOWA Sticky Holder Gel Pad

  • Can stick cellphone or gadgets to different places
  • Can be washable
  • Can be reusable
  • Can be worked as a holder


DOWA Sticky Holder Gel Pad is combined with double sided gel pads, which can stick cellphone or gadgets to different places.

  • Work as car holder to stick phone on the car automotive center stack
  • Work as a phone holder to hold the phone on desk
  • Washable, Reusable, Removable, Without residue
  • With a folding cover to avoid hand sticky
  • Custom logo and designs available
  • Custom shape available
  • Using: Press a little to make sure the object sticks on gel pad firmly

fixate holder sticky gel padsfixate holder sticky gel pads
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