Preserved Fresh Flower Gel Case (Lemon)

  • Sticks to mirror surface allowing hands-free Selfies!
  • Anti-slip, anti-scratch, anti-drop, good touch feeling
  • Real flower
  • Easy clean, lasting charms
  • Customized flower design acceptable


Preserved Fresh Flower Gel Case (Lemon)

Made with Genuine Flowers, our fresh flower collections with classic beauty. Delicately dried flowers are encased in clear resin to give this case a truly elegant twist. Anti-scratch technology works to preserve the intricate pattern. Since each real flower iPhone case contains real flowers, no two cases will be exactly the same, allowing you to showcase the individuality of both you and your phone. Available in custom designs.

  • Super thin TPU+PC case combined with gel material
  • Dried genuine flowers in a clear case, would never faded
  • Works with wireless charging
  • Anti-scratch technology
  • Soft jelly touch feeling without watermarks and bubbles
  • Over 10 years Dome gel technology experience
  • Dust-free plant



flower case 3_N7A9831