Sticky Gel Pad (Triangle)

DOWA Sticky Gel Pad

  • Can stick everything to anywhere
  • Can be washable
  • Can be reusable


DOWA Sticky Gel Pad is a double sided pad can stick anything to everywhere

  • Passed California Proposition 65
  • Passed high low temperature test
  • Passed UV test
  • Can be washable
  • Can be reusable
  • Custom logo available
  • Optional shape: Circle, rectangle, triangle, peach or custom shape
  • Suggest Temperature: -12℃~60℃
  • Using: Press a little to make sure the object sticks on gel pad firmly
  • Suggestion: Holding heavier thing, DOWA suggests use more than one pc sticky pad

gel pad triangle
gel pad stick 5gel pad 13gel pad 15gel pad 12

s34dry gel pad