hands free selfie case

DOWA sticky case is for free hands, which can stick to glass, mirror, metal, ceramic etc glossy surfaces. Using DOWA sticky case, you can skype, watch TV, facetime, selfie etc. to free your hands.

DOWA sticky case can be made different custom designs and logo. Easy clean, easy move. DOWA sticky case can last at least 3 years for sticky function.

With 10 years experience on making epoxy products, epoxy sticky free hands cases series are one of our mature and successful product. We made our free hands selfie sticky cases with different brands overseas, like Mcdonald’s, Chelsea, PSG, Olympique de Marseille etc. DOWA sticky selfie case is not just for sticky, it also can be an artwork with custom charming designs. DOWA sticky hands free cases is not just for anti-slip, it also with soft jelly touch feeling. DOWA print the sticky case with high resolution and consistent colors. We are always pursuing high quality on our sticky cases, DOWA epoxy sticky case passed UV test, California Proposition 65 test, SGS test. Our epoxy layer will last at least 3 years anti-yellowing, and keep sticky at least 3 years.

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